Peason Ridge WMA

U.S. Army, U.S. Forest Service
51,004 Acres
(337) 491-2576

Peason Ridge Wildlife Management Area is located eighteen miles north of Leesville in Sabine, Natchitoches and Vernon Parishes. Peason Ridge is 51,004 acres in size and is owned by the United States Army.
The terrain consists of gentle to high, rolling hills interspersed with creeks and greenheads. Longleaf pine is dominant on some of the hills while a mixture of loblolly pine, longleaf pine, red oak, blackjack oak and post oak is found on other ridges. Some portions of the area support mixed pine stands of longleaf, loblolly and shortleaf. Groves of sandjack oak are also present. Large areas with little or no timber are common. The understory of these upland types is very sparse and contains wax myrtle, yaupon, sweetgum, dogwood, huckleberry, sumac and seedlings of the overstory.
The creek bottoms and greenheads support an overstory of water oak, beech, magnolia, sweetgum, redmaple and ash. Understory species include dogwood, buttonbush, French mulberry, wild azalea, hazel alder, hawthorn, red bay, white bay, black gum, viburnums and seedlings of the overstory.
Army activities and grazing have produced a successful program.
Game species available for hunting include deer, squirrel, rabbit, quail, woodcock, dove and turkey. Bow hunting is allowed for deer. Trapping is allowed for raccoon, fox, bobcat, skunk, opossum, mink and coyote. All hunters and trappers must obtain an annual permit from the United States Army.
The Red-cockaded Woodpecker is the only endangered species known to occur on Peason Ridge.
Camping is not permitted on Peason Ridge, but is allowed on adjacent United States Forest Service lands.
A free special use permit is required from the army and daily check in is required.
Additional information may be obtained from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Lakeshore Drive, Lake Charles, Louisiana, 70601. Phone (337) 491-2575.
Additional information may be obtained from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, 1213 North Lake Shore Drive, Lake Charles, LA 70601, Phone (337)-491-2575 or Building #7654, North Fort Polk, 1-888-718-3029.